Thompson Mill

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Mill History

           In 1860 the industrial revolution was at it’s peak with the textile industry thriving. Cotton grown in the south was being shipped up north to mills in the New England area to be processed at mills and sold in New York City. Thompson chose Valley Falls a small town along the Hudson River as their location to open the Thompson Mill in 1860. They focused on three different products; buckram, netting, and twine. The mill thrived since opening and even manufactured netting for the union army during the civil war. By 1910 they employed 200 individuals, had 1,600 yarn spindles, 200 looms for weaving, and 2 dyeing systems and water wheels. In 1910 the business was sold to the Bauchman family with whom the company survived and prospered through both world wars and the great depression. Several new products were added over the years until the 70’s when additional mills were built in other states due to the limitations of the valley falls mill. Finally in 1993 the Thompson mill was closed and production was moved to Mexico and the building has sat vacant since. After being abandoned the mill suffered a massive fire in 2009 that damaged what was left of the buildings beyond repair and use. Fortunately the site has been and it was found that there were no contaminants from the factory making their way into the Hudson river and that it is not an environmental risk at this time. Rensselaer county has plans to tear down the remains of the mill and build a river front park for the community in it’s place.

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