Victory Mill

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          Victory mills is a surprisingly small quiet town tucked away right next to Schuylerville. Driving through you can’t help but notice the imposing old mill along the river. The original building. which is more hidden from view. was built in 1846 and is now in a state of disrepair and deemed unsalvageable. The original mill did quite well selling cotton goods like many other abandoned mills in the area. Victory mill hit it’s peak in the 1870s employing more than the current population of the town at one point. Unfortunately the economic decline during the turn of the 20th century caused victory mill to have to begin laying off workers. In 1918 the main building that is now known as victory mill was built in an attempt to modernize the mill. Ultimately the mill was moved to Alabama in 1929. It was later purchased by a carton manufacturer in 1937. The mill continued to operate into the early 2000s lastly as a paper mill before closing. In 2003 the building was purchased with hopes of it being converted into luxury apartments and a preschool. Unfortunately no ground has been broken on this project due to a lack of funding and possible inability to produce enough income to cover the costs aster being built. They are currently working on a tax agreement for the property to help lessen costs and make the project feasible.

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