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Contact and Pricing

          Feel free to contact me with any questions, due to my work schedule I may not be able to answer phone calls but if you leave a message I will get back to you as soon as possible. I can be contacted by text or email at any time of day or night. I can also be contacted through Facebook or Instagram using the social links at the top of the page.


 Email: TimPatrick@Photographer.net

Call or text: 518-855-1971

Social: @PhotographyByTimPatrick

   I started Photography by Tim Patrick after seeing those around me being taken advantage of by photographers overcharging and under delivering, I think it’s wrong that other photographers take advantage of customers and charge insane rates so they can live off working just 10 days a year. Weddings are already expensive enough as it is and when you love what you do you don’t have to be overcompensated to do it.

     Not only do I charge a fraction what the others charge but I provide more with every package. All of my weddings include two professional photographers with proven quality and experience, not hired assistants. All of our sessions and packages also come with all the photos in full resolution without watermarks at no extra charge, if we take it you get it and will never ask you for more money to get your photos that’s just wrong. We offer printing online through a third party print lab with the highest quality printers in the country and don’t charge any extra for you to use it, we actually pay a monthly subscription to get you a discount so you can get fine art print quality at near Walmart prices and can enjoy our art in full quality for years to come.

     I specialize in weddings, that’s what I do and what I’m experienced with and good at, I’m not a senior photo photographer that does weddings for the extra money and you will see that in our work. We do more than take a few good portraits and sell you some prints we capture every detail and moment of your big day, we show you the experience that you worked so hard to create for your guests and capture the special moments and beauty of it all. There’s many different styles to capturing weddings and I’ve worked to build a team that has different styles and approaches so you can get it all. You hear the expression a lot “ jack of all trades” but a lot of people don’t know there’s a second part to that “master of none” and that’s why instead of one person trying to do every style I bring you a master of each style so you are actually getting the value you pay for. Any photographer can get one great photo from a wedding and sell you a wedding package based on that, but we can give you more.

     I studied photography at the New York Institute of Photography along with pursuing a degree in business. I’ve then continued to study through numerous photography certification courses and worked with several area photographers to practice and learn their methods. You will notice that my photos aren’t all the same style and that’s because I’ve studied all the different editing styles and let my customers choose the one they like best because everyone has different taste. To provide the best value possible I’ve even partnered with other photographers in the area to work with Photography by Tim Patrick. I now have the help of one of the areas best portrait photographers who has an amazing way of bringing out the beauty of each individual, and an amazing newborn photographer who has spent years working with studying and mastering off camera lighting and flash which most photographers struggle to even attempt.

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